School Age Teachers – Engaging Parents in Supporting Academic Success

School Age Teachers – Engaging Parents in Supporting Academic Success
There is little doubt that parents have a significant impact on their children’s academic success. There is also little doubt that parent engagement often decreases as their children progress from pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade. How can you, as a teacher, keep them engaged – particularly during the challenging transitional years? What strategies and techniques have been shown to be effective?

The following resources will give you some proven ways to engage parents throughout their children’s school years in order to help support their academic success.

Tips for Engaging Parents

  • Tips by Teachers, for Teachers – No one better recognizes the opportunities for engaging parents, as well as the challenges you face in doing so, than another teacher. Explore the techniques some teachers are using to successfully engage parents of children from Kindergarten through High School.
  • Tips for Parents – Explore parent engagement, find books to recommend for read-alouds at home, and download and distribute reading tips for parents – in 11 languages! Reading Rockets offers all of this and more to help you engage parents.
  • Toolkits from the States – From online educational games and free resources to use at home, to better understanding the Common Core State Standards and how these impact your child, states have taken a lead in reaching out to parents. This example is from the New York State Education Department, but you can find similar support for parents through your state’s website.
  • Attendance Matters for Teens – Enlist parents in promoting good attendance for their middle and high school children by providing them with downloadable handouts, in Spanish and English, that will help them understand why good attendance is important and ways they, as parents , can support it.