School Age Teachers – Technology

School Age Teachers – Technology
Are digital technologies powerful tools for supporting teaching and learning in and beyond the classroom, or are they simply distractions? The answer is shaped by how and why tablets, smartphones and computers are used.

The following resources will help you find appropriate and intentional ways to use these tools to improve teaching and learning.

Resources for Using Technology in Your Classroom

  • A Taxonomy for Technology – This video from Common Sense Media demonstrates how to use technology, and which forms of technology to use, to help students develop higher order thinking skills.
  • Social Media Guidebook – Does social media have a place in the classroom? Read the specific ways to use social media to advance teaching and learning goals in the Guidebook for Social Media in the Classroom to inform your thinking.
  • Does Twitter Have a Place in Your Classroom? – Teachers are successfully using Twitter as a learning tool. Is it for you? Read these 50 ways to use Twitter in the classroom and decide for yourself.
  • Does a “No Phones” Rule Make Sense? – This may be the case in some classrooms, but, for many others, smartphones are welcomed as helpful tools for teaching and learning!’ Visit the Edutopia site and the ExamTime site and see how some teachers are encouraging the use of smartphones in the classroom.
  • Supporting At-Risk Students with Technology – The Alliance for Excellent Education and Stanford University found that technology, when used appropriately and intentionally, can help significantly raise achievement for at-risk youth.