Teachers of School Age Children – Common Core Teaching

Teachers of School Age Children – Common Core Teaching
The Common Core State Standards were developed to provide a common set of expectations and milestones to ensure that all children will graduate from high school ready for college or for careers. The implications for teachers are significant. The Math Standards, for example, shift the focus to fewer topics, but in greater depth, while the English Language Arts Standards promote close and careful reading of text to provide text-based evidence for oral and written arguments.

The resources that follow offer you support in better understanding and successfully implementing the Common Core State Standards in your classroom.

Learning More About the Common Core State Standards

  • Just the Facts – Visit the Core Standards website for a quick overview of the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and Mathematics, the key instructional shifts, applications for students with disabilities and a host of other critical information.
  • What’s Happening in My State? Visit the interactive map to see how your state is supporting the implementation of the Common Core State Standards. Links will take you directly to your state’s webpage to view plans, find resources and identify tools for parents.
  • Understanding Depth of Knowledge – This website provides a deeper understanding of cognitive demand (rigor) and how it can be applied to all content areas, ranging from fine arts to literacy and math.

Resources to Support Common Core-Aligned Teaching

  • Have a Good Idea About Teaching Thermodynamics? The Share My Lesson website offers Common Core-aligned lesson plans, activities, games, assessments and other tools and resources for teaching and learning in grades K-12. All resources were developed and/or vetted by teachers for teachers.
  • See What Common Core-Focused Teaching Looks Like – With over 1,000 videos of teachers and students learning, collaborating and exploring together, The Teaching Channel provides a way to see real teachers implementing effective Common Core practices. The videos focus on academic content as well as on other critical topics such as assessment, differentiation, behavior, and classroom culture, all for PreK through Grade 12.
  • Help Them All Achieve the Core! – Founded by the lead writers of the Common Core State Standards, Achieve the Core provides a bank of lesson plans for grades K-12 ELA and Math, assessments, planning tools and professional development resources to help you ensure your students achieve the core.

  • Complex, or Just Complicated?
    – Close reading of increasingly complex texts is an essential feature of the Common Core State Standards. The Text Project offers tools and resources to help you better understand and support the broader use of complex texts in your classroom.