Developing Social and Emotional Skills

Developing Social and Emotional Skills
Nurturing a child’s social and emotional development is a key factor in raising healthy and capable children. As your children’s first teacher, you are the most important person in helping them forge strong relationships with children and adult; understand, talk about and manage their own feelings and behaviors; and identify and understand feelings and actions they observe in others.

Your children’s ability to understand and regulate their emotional and social responses is critical for school readiness and for lifelong success.

The following resources will support your efforts to ensure your children develop strong social and emotional skills.

Free Resources About Social-Emotional Development

  • Understanding Social-Emotional Development – This website offers parents a checklist of social-emotional skills and strategies for developing them at home.
  • Developing Persistence – This document will give you specific ways to encourage your child to keep at a task until it is completed – even if it becomes hard or even frustrating.
  • Learn More About Developing Strong Social-Emotional Skills

    • PBS Learning Media – This website for adults provides activities you can use to help young children develop strong social and emotional skills.
    • Understanding Social and Emotional Development in Young Children – This bulletin, in English and in Spanish, provides tips for parents and other caring adults about ways to develop social and emotional skills in children from birth through age five.