Learn More About Helping Your Child At Home

Learn More About Helping Your Child At Home
Your ongoing involvement and support helps school-age children get on track for academic success and stay on track throughout their school years.

But what does it mean to be involved and to support your child’s learning? How can you help with homework? What about teenagers? Do they also need your ongoing involvement?

The resources and websites suggested below offer you a wide range of opportunities to learn more and to be meaningfully engaged with the education of your child.

Free Resources to Help Your Child at Home

  • About Homework – Love it or hate it, most children have homework and most parents try to help. This publication from the US Department of Education offers specific tips on how parents can help their children with homework.
  • Helping Your Child Through Early Adolescence (10-14) – This guide from the U. S. Department of Education, provided in English and in Spanish, helps parents navigate their way through the wonderful, yet sometimes stormy, years of early adolescence.
  • Helping Your Children to Love Learning – Your children can read, but do they read for fun? Are they curious about the things around them? These videos for parents help you understand how to build these skills and motivate your children to become lifelong learners.
  • 100 Ways to be Involved – This document offers busy parents a wide range of opportunities for becoming involved with their children’s schools and boosting academic success.
  • Always Encourage Reading! – One of the most important ways you can help your children is to encourage them to read and to talk about the books they are reading. This Book Collection Guide, for children in second to eighth grade, provides reading recommendations, a discussion guide for each recommended book, and a general book discussion guide you can use to talk about any book with your children.

  • On the Road to College?
    – Create a free customized profile to help build a road map to college, beginning in middle school. This tool provides advice on how to make decisions and helps you and your child track progress through the transition to college.
  • Preparing for College – The Common Core Standards were developed to ensure all children are fully prepared for college or careers. This preparation begins in elementary school. The College Preparation Checklist offers parents and students an overview of what they need to do, by school year, to be prepared for college.

Learn More About Helping Your Child in School

  • Colorín Colorado – The Colorín Colorado website provides tips, articles, and guidance for parents on how to help their children succeed in school. Particular emphasis is placed on helping children who are English learners.
  • Kids Health OrganizationKidsHealth provides a rich website with information for parents of elementary, middle and high school students. The focus of the resources is on helping children succeed in school.
  • The National Parent Teacher Association (PTA) – The PTA website includes a section just for families that focuses on how you can help children do well in school, special toolkits for parents of children with special needs, children’s health and child nutrition.