Learn More About the Common Core State Standards

Learn More About the Common Core State Standards
The Common Core State Standards, adopted by 42 states, provide a set of rigorous and clear learning standards to ensure all children graduate from high school ready for both college and careers. Benchmarked to the highest standards in the world, the Common Core Standards specify what children will know and be able to do at every grade level.

As parents, it is important that you know and understand these expectations so you will be able to help your child meet and exceed these high standards. The resources listed below will help you do that.

Free Resources on the Common Core State Standards

  • Common Core Shifts – The Common Core State Standards require significant shifts in what children learn and how parents can help them at home. This document is provided in Spanish and English.
  • Parents’ Guide to Student Success – Developed by the National Parent Teacher Association, these guides provide a grade-by-grade summary of the expectations for children. Suggestions are provided for helping your child learn at home.
  • What Does It Look Like? — You understand the purpose and expectations of the Common Core State Standards, but what does it look like when a child meets these standards? These videos, in English and Spanish, show what children in Grades K-5 can do when they meet or exceed the standards.
  • Hunt Institute Videos – The Spanish videos and English videos provide a solid introduction to the Common Core – why and how they were developed, the content they include, and the expected outcomes.
  • Preparing for College – The Common Core Standards were developed to ensure all children are fully prepared for college or careers. This preparation begins in elementary school. The College Preparation Checklist offers parents and students an overview of what they need to do, by school year, to be prepared for college.

Learn More About the Common Core State Standards

  • Council of Great Cities School Chiefs – This site offers a series of Spanish guides and English guides that explain the standards for each grade level and provide specific ways parents can help their children meet these expectations.