Social-Emotional Development of School-Age Children

Social-Emotional Development of School-Age Children
Strong social-emotional skills are an excellent predictor of success in school and a successful and fulfilling adult life. But these skills do not just ‘happen’ — they are developed through a journey that begins at birth and continues through adulthood.

While this journey to becoming a ‘grown-up’ is neither quick nor easy, it can be greatly facilitated by the support and the actions of parents. Resources, tips and activities for dealing with challenging behaviors and helping your children through this journey follow.

Free Resources for Supporting Social-Emotional Development

  • Social-Emotional Growth Charts – This Parent Tool Kit – in Spanish or in English — provides overviews of the social-emotional development of children in grades PreK – 12 and charts to track their development.
  • Games, Activities, Puzzles and More – Find these and many more engaging resources to share with your children from Pre K to High School! This site also provides Spanish and English versions of helpful hints, articles and guides for parents.
  • Helping Children Cope – Anger and frustration are not uncommon in school-age children. These web-based resources will help you identify and help your children cope with these emotions.
  • Building Resilience – All children face challenges as they grow up, but not all children are sufficiently resilient to thrive despite the challenges. Find tips to help children develop resiliency and become capable and competent adults.
  • The Voices Inside – We can see how children react to emotions, but don’t always understand what is going on inside their heads to cause these actions. Explore these games and activities with your children to help them – and you – better understand what is going on inside.

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