Technology and School-Age Children

Technology and School-Age Children
Our school-age children cannot conceive of a time when multiple forms of digital technology were not readily available at school, in their home’s and in their backpacks. In fact, school-age children spend more time in front of screens than any activity other than sleeping.

Digital devices are changing the way many children, often referred to as the “touchscreen generation,” are learning, playing, developing, and communicating. How do you guide your children to ensure the appropriate use of this immersive technology? The following resources offer you some approaches.

Free Resources for Guiding Children’s Use of Technology

  • Protecting Family Time – Does the use of technology really need to isolate your children from the family? This new publication from the Joan Ganz Cooney Center, Family Time with Apps: A Guide to Using Apps with Your Kids, will help you identify and use apps – as a family!
  • What Are They Saying? – Are you baffled by the language your children use in texts or IMs? If so, this handy guide to text language will help you kc (keep cool) when you read the messages they send.
  • Screen Time Fun for School-Age Kids – Help your children have fun and use their screen time wisely by guiding them to websites for kids that provide age-appropriate videos, games, activities, and music. The Nick site is one they will enjoy!
  • Keeping Them Safe – Help your school-age children learn the five rules for cyber safety with an animated video featuring Hedgehog and Hippo. A short quiz will help your children (and you!) check their understanding.
  • Teens Need Guidance, Too! – This website, just for teens, helps them make smart choices when they are online. The videos, comics, games and quizzes are all designed to help teens identify risks and stay safe while online.

Learn More About Technology and Your Children

  • Guiding Your Children – This collection of videos in English and videos in Spanish provides guidance on topics ranging from screen time tips to learning applications to protecting children online.
  • Choosing AppsMoms with Apps provides information on apps for children from birth through middle school. Each review includes screen shots and a summary of the content, sorted by content area, age, type of device and any additional requirements set by the parents.
  • Using Minecraft With Your Children – Minecraft has become more than just a game – it is a movement that draws in school-age children across the globe. Learn five ways to use Minecraft to promote good practices with technology.
  • Promote Responsible Use of Social Media – Most teens use social media to communicate with friends and the world at large. Help them understand the 12 things they should never do on social media.